Unbelievable flight above Dubai

Yves Rossy became famous for the first in the world flight across the English Channel, the Grand Canyon and Mount Fuji with using so called “jet wings” – the custom-built wing with jets. Accompanied by Vince Reffet, former skydiver, who also donned a jetpack, Yves Rossi performed unbelievable flight above Dubai.

UAE future was disturbed by this action. The flight lasted for more than 12 minutes. What is interesting, the jetpacks let Rossy and Reffet go more than 190 kilometers per hour. Watch below an amazing video made by these two men.

In the video pilots said that they love to fly and they were an element of the nature – air. And we should respect that element like we respect nature. And these two guys were very lucky to play with this element. In future many people will be able to fly by using such equipment that makes it possible to feel free like a bird.

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