Shell Company in Switzerland

Prestigious solution

Company in Switzerland is a prestigious, although costly solution not only for Russians, but for European citizens as well. The thing is, not everybody has enough money to invest into company formation in Switzerland. Recent changes in rules of making business in Switzerland have also caused a number of difficulties for businessmen.

Full package

Swiss Financial Yard offers you an alternative solution – Shell Company in Switzerland. Main benefits of shell companies are their cost and fully paid up share capital. Also, when purchasing a shell company in Switzerland, you will already have an opened bank account in one of Swiss banks. Everything you need is a registered address and a nominee director, who has to be a Swiss resident according to the law.

Effective tax planning

After purchasing a shell company, its name, nature of business and director will be changed due to your wishes. Are you still thinking which jurisdiction to choose for business setup? Shell Company in Switzerland is not only a prestigious, but also a favorable solution in terms of tax planning.

Contact us today and we will give you a free consultation regarding shell companies in Switzerland.

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