Reasons for company incorporation in Hong Kong

China is a fastest growing economics in the world. If you try to remember what was going on with Hong Kong just 15-20 years ago you realize that now it is on the top among the best world countries. The strongest sectors are manufacturing and financial sector. Let us consider all benefits and reasons for company incorporation in Hong Kong.

China International Payment System (CIPS)

China payment system will be launched this autumn that will be very surprising for many of us. The system will be able to perform all international transaction in the national China currency – Yuan. This currency becomes more and more stronger in comparison to another world currencies and its future is receiving of international recognition. CIPS is a gateway to international currency market for Yuan that allows businessmen and privates use it in international transactions.

Presently this system has been tested in more that 20 China banks including branches of international banks. The payment system will be able even to compete with many existing payment systems.

 Hong Kong is a gateway to China market

Nowadays Hong Kong and China are the leaders and partners, which opens new opportunities for offshore and onshore business. Hong Kong is considered to be an offshore center that in future will use only Yuan for transaction implementing. Less that 1 year ago China government launched a special program called Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. The program is supposed that all investors should place their notes only through Shanghai stock. This program allows Hong Kong and China to attract new medium and large investors.

New opportunities and financial forecasts for Yuan

For the last several years Yuan becomes stronger in comparison to other international currencies. Various financial centers prognoses that Yuan can probably become a leader in the world market.

Secure jurisdiction

Hong Kong is a secure jurisdiction because it is not black listed by any international organizations. Also presently Hong Kong has tax agreements with many countries that allow businessmen to be taxed in Hong Kong. Company incorporation in Hong Kong is the best solution for those who plan to expand to China market. You also will be able to open a bank account in Hong Kong for your company. Just note that there is impossible to open a bank account in Hong Kong with nominee director. In case you want to hire a nominee director we can offer you bank account opening in Latvia for instance.

Reliable partner

Swiss Financial Yard AG is your reliable partner in matters of company setup in Hong Kong. We assist clients from very beginning of company formation in Hong Kong and till company administration.  Contact us for receiving free consultation about company formation in Hong Kong and we offer you the best solution for your business.

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