Offshore Bank accounts

Having an offshore bank account nowadays is not just the privilege of the rich. The key word here is “offshore”, which in other words means “abroad”. Most expats own a bank account in their home country, however they also need to open a bank account in the country, where they currently live, to keep up with regular payments, such as salary, utility bills, property fees etc.

Nevertheless opening an offshore account in one of the economically stable locations around the world can bring you certain security together with tax benefits. Asset protection is one of the main reasons why business people consider opening a bank account in an offshore jurisdiction.

Swiss Financial Yard offers bank account openings in our partner banks within the UAE, Switzerland, Singapore or Latvia. The UAE has been showing fast economy growth and has a strong financial sector, Switzerland is the motherland of banking and finance, over $ 800 billion are currently managed in Singapore and Latvia has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the EU. Each jurisdiction has its significant benefits, strict banking secrecy and security is what they all have in common.

Contact us if you are interested in relocating your assets abroad and opening an offshore bank account. Our team will guide you through bank account opening procedure, we will assist you with Compliance and Due Diligence. Bank account can be opened without your personal presence* at the branch within a few working days!

*on certain conditions, contact us to learn more

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