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Companies which are only operating abroad and do not carry out their commercial activity within the Emirates are called International Business Company (IBC)IBCs are no subject to licensing.

* one time fee ** yearly fee


Incorporation Process
Setup your company in 3 easy steps:

    • Provide us with 3 alternative company names. We will check the names for availability for you for free.
    • Prepare your bank reference letter or 3 month bank statement with a bank stamp.
    • Prepare your proof of residence, like your last phone or electricity bill. Please not older then 3 month.
    • Prepare your passport copy. The passport should be valid for at least 6 month.
    • Let us know when youre ready and send us a scan copy of the documents for a pre check.

    • We will prepare the application for incorporation and the memorandum and articles and send you the documents to your email.
    • Please print them out and follow the instructions for the signatures.
    • Please send us the signed documents plus the orginal bank reference letter(s), utility bill(s) and passport copy(s) to us and we will register the company within 3 days.

    • Please let us know which bank you will choose for the corporate bank account
    • The Bank will receive the legalized documents of your company to proof them and start the bank account opening process.
    • We advice you the right bank and assist you in the full process.
    • Our banks in Dubai open your corporate bank account within a few working days
    • E-banking and debit cards, as well wealth management and other services are ready to use.


    We offer as an optional service a fully managed company structure which involves nominee director and nominee shareholder services.

    Locational advantage

    The offshore location Ras al Khaimah is compared to other offshore destinations, such as the Channel Islands, Panama or the British Virgin Islands (BVI), not based on a purely offshore business model. Through various design options of the “Spin-offs” the Free Zones in the region are always a mix of pure offshore entities and really operationally oriented holding and property companies. This means the reputation of Ras al Khaimah and in general of the United Arab Emirates is for international legal and business transactions are significantly higher than in other locations

    Ras al Khaimah

    An IBC can be described as a classical offshore company, because this form is completely tax- and duty free. But with the advantage that the United Arab Emirates are not on a black list of tax havens by the OECD nor the FATF. In addition, the UAE is not a member of the OECD (no data exchange). The development of international business activities is guaranteed.

    Typical application

        • Private (anonymous) Asset management abroad
        • Buying property abroad
        • Yacht and ship registration abroad
        • Holding structures
        • Keep of licenses, patents and naming rights
        • International trade transactions

    As a Swiss company, we place great value on a quality service to our clients. We dissociate ourselves from online formations. The foundation is processed via location in Switzerland (Zug), to ensure, in cooperation with our team in Dubai, the best possible service.

    Requirements, conditions

    The regulations regarding the establishment and operation of an offshore company are located in the “Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Offshore Companies Regulations”  (a total of 126 individual paragraphs, following: REG), which came into force on 15.01.2003.

    Accordingly, the shareholders – with the exception of activities in the banking or insurance business – are free to pursue any activity.

    Offshore in the UAE and their handling

    The offshore company is not entitled to operate with contractual partners (natural or legal persons) in the UAE itself (Article 15, para 1 REG). Nor is it the offshore company allowed to open branches in the Emirates. If the company, in the course of its existence, wants to cooperate with business partners within the Emirates, they first have to apply for a license. (Art. 15 Abs. 3 REG).

    No minimum capital is required. Therefore, the founders are free to determine the amount of registered capital.

    For the company formation, the capital does not have to be deposited. The offshore company (IBC) is not required to employ their own staff in the Emirates or to rent office space. Only one business address is mandatory. The offshore company is not allowed to acquire real estate in the UAE . There are exceptions for the purchase of real estate on the so-called “palm Islands” (Art. 15 Abs. 1 und 2 REG).

    The company must also appoint at least one director and a secretary (Company Secretary) (Art. 32, 43 reg). A resident in the UAE is not required.

    The time required for formation is 3-5 working days after submission of the necessary documents.

    Are you interested in an offshore company in Ras al Khaimah?
    Please contact us for a written quote for the foundation. If you have any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us. » to the contact options

    Tip to the offshore location UAE

    Before you start your company formation in Dubai, we recommend to contact a tax expert you trust, who informs you about the possible tax consequences, reporting requirements and tax treaties with the United Arab Emirates in your home country.

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