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Free trade zones are separate economic zones with autonomous trade regulations and own tax rules. The United Arab Emirates have 40 different free trade areas. Dubai itself has 18 different freezones. Ras al Khaimah is 1 hour from the Dubai Center and offers 2 Freetrade Zones.

* one time fee ** yearly fee

Incorporation Process
Setup your freezone company in 3 easy steps

    • Please provide us with 3 alternative company names. We will check the names for availability for you for free.
    • Please prepare 2 month bank statement with a bank stamp.
    • Please prepare repare your proof of residence, like your last phone or electricity bill. Please not older then 3 month.
    • Please prepare your passport copy. The passport should be valid for at least 6 month.
    • Let us know when youre ready and send us a scan copy of the documents for a pre check.

    • We will prepare the application for incorporation and the application for the company licence.
    • Please print them out and follow the instructions for the signatures.
    • Please send us the signed documents plus the bank statement(s), utility bill(s) and passport copy(s) to us and we will register the company within 10 days.

    • Please let us know which bank you will choose for the corporate bank account
    • The Bank will receive the legalized documents of your company to proof them and start the bank account opening process.
    • We advice you the right bank and assist you in the full process.
    • Our banks in Dubai open your corporate bank account within a few working days
    • E-banking and debit cards, as well wealth management and other services are ready to use.

    Free Zone Entity (FZE)
    Free Zone Company (FZC)

    What is a free trade area?

    Free trade zones are separate economic zones with autonomous trade regulations und own tax rules. The United Arab Emirates have 40 different free trade areas. Dubai itself has 18 different freezones. Ras al Khaimah is 1 hour from the Dubai Center. 

    The Free Entity Zone (FZE) can be compared with the European GmbH and is divided into two different forms:

    Free Zone Entity
    FZE – 1 participating person (shareholder)
    FZC – 2 bis 5 participating person (shareholder)


    Both types of companies are authorized to operate in the free trade zones and are both obligated to get a license. The following licenses are available:

      • trading license
      • counseling license
      • commercial license
      • industrial license

    What should I know about licenses?

    • Every company operating in a free trade area needs a license.
    • Licensed companies of a Free Zone are not permitted to transact business outside the free trade zone. For this purpose, a local represantative has to be determined.
    • The license must be renewed annually. Therefore, it needs an audit report that can be created by Swiss Financial Yard.
    • License fees are subject to periodic adjustments. In the event of an adjustment the licensee will be informed in time.

    Our Service

    We offer all services related to the creation and management of your offshore company. Therefore, a trip to the Emirates is not necessary.

    Are you interested in a company formation ?

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