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Incorporation Process
Set up your company

in 3 easy steps:

    • Provide us with 3 alternative company names. We will check the names for availability for free.
    • Prepare your proof of residence, like your last phone or electricity bill. Please make sure utility bill is not older than 3 month.
    • Prepare your passport copy. The passport should be valid for at least 6 month.
    • Let us know when the documents are ready and send us a scan copy of the documents for a pre check.

    • We will prepare the application for incorporation and send you the documents to your email.
    • Please print them out and follow the instructions for the signatures.
    • Please send us the signed documents plus the utility(s) and passport copy(s) and we will register the company within 3-5 working days.

    • Please let us know which bank you will choose for the corporate bank account
    • The Bank will receive the legalized documents of your company to approve them and start the bank account opening process.
    • We advise you the right bank and assist you during the whole process.
    • Our banks in Hong Kong open your corporate bank account within a few working days. Please note that you may have to travel to HK to identify yourself at the bank.
    • E-banking and debit cards as well as wealth management and other services are ready to use.

    Hong Kong has a reputation of a particularly business friendly location. This is not only supported by its jurisdictions, Hong Kong even has a special government structure, the Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Unit (EABFU), in place to push its business facilitation.


    Individuals as well as companies are taxable on all profits arising from business activity performed in Hong Kong. No distinction is drawn between residents and non-residents. The corresponding tax rate on profits amounts to 16.5 %.

    Tax exemption

    Profits being derived from abroad are not chargeable to tax, making Hong Kong an ideal offshore location!


    More Benefits

    • tax exemption for income not occurred in Hong Kong
    • high degree of business facilitation
    • first-class relationship with China; the Closer Economic Partner Arrangement (CEPA) enables Hong Kong companies better access to the huge market of the mainland of China
    • decisive geographic location within Asia; transportation hub
    • highly skilled work force
    • no nationality restriction on shareholders or directors

    Company formation – “The Hong Kong Private Limited Company”

    Share capital

    There is no minimum (authorized or issued) share capital requirement. However, in practice it frequently amounts to HDK 1.000.-. A capital duty of 0.1 % is to be paid on the share capital.


    For the Hong Kong Private Limited Company a minimum of one shareholder is required, irrespectively of nationality or residence.


    Hong Kong requires at least one person, either individual or legal person, as director. Similar to the shareholders, the director does not need to be resident in Hong Kong. A nominee director may be appointed for the sake of anonymity.

    Company secretary

    Appointing a company secretary is obligatory. In contrast to the shareholders and directors, the company secretary must be an individual or legal person (company) resident in Hong Kong. A nominee secretary may be appointed.

    Registered office

    The Hong Kong Private Limited Company is required to have a registered office address in Hong Kong. This must be a physical address – a P.O. Box is not sufficient.

    Registration procedure

    1. choose the company name (the name must be approved by the companies registry)
    2. submission of application documents
    3. issue the certificate of incorporation

    Are you interested in establishing a company in Hong Kong?
    We will send you a detailed offer based on your request. If needed, we will discuss your request in advance by telephone +41 41 740 60 20 or by E-mail. » to the contact options

    Formation period

    The certificate of incorporation for company setup is usually issued within 5 working days.

    In case you are interested in a private bank account opening or establishing a company in Hong Kong, we ask you to contact us personally. We agree on an appointment with you and start the process together. » to the contact options

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