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Use the know-how of Swiss Financial Yard!
Foreign clients are our specialty.

Swiss Financial Yard supports start ups in Switzerland and in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Ras al Khaimah). Comprehensive information on the types of companies can be found under the heading “Company formation”. Our locations offer business-oriented control systems, double taxation agreements with the world’s major states and state associations, as well as politically stable environment in emerging regions.

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Useful TAX models

  1. Collect your earnings in the Swiss holding.
  2. Pay tax on your Profits of your foreign business only to a small extent by the tax form of joint enterprise.
  3. Choose canton Zug as the location of your Holding, enjoy the tax benefits of the top-league in Europe and the good company of international corporations.
  4. Save high fixed costs with your virtual office. Make demands on administrative services only if they are needed, so that you can act as a multi-national entrepreneur of the future with maximum revenues.
  5. Enjoy an optimized trading center in the United Arab Emirates with its free trade zones in Dubai and Ras al Khaimah. Tax exemption and low costs offer great opportunities for rapid growth in the international market.
Company formation Switzerland

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