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“The strongest banking secrecy of the World”

The island state of Singapore is one of the strongest financial centers around the world. The banking secrecy in Singapore is one the strictest in the world. On the Southeast Asian island there are no foreign exchange or transfer restrictions.

There are no capital gains taxes, and who invests his money in a family trust is generally exempt from tax. In our age of e-banking and very low transaction times, it is possible to put priorities on a high level of confidentiality and legislation.

    Private banking, starting from USD 1’000’000.-

    International corporate banking for local and foreign companies

    by internal and external asset managers

    Transfer of existing securities accounts

    Asset Protection by a strong banking secrecy and the protection of privacy

    Global control of your assets

    “Singapore – The New Switzerland”

    Approximately $ 800 billion in foreign assets managed already in Singapore. Most of this is so far from investors from Asia, from the wealthy ChineseIndonesians and Koreans. But the customers from Germany and Switzerland will be more. Increasingly, Singapore is now known as the “Switzerland of Asia”.

    Our Service

    • Account openings with major banking institutions in Singapore
    • Opening of private accounts, business accounts and deposits
    • Transfer of security deposits
    • Accounts in all major currencies possible
    • Internationally oriented e-banking
    • Setting up companies in Singapore – Private Limited Company (PLC)
    • Care of our clients, excellent banking contacts (high end)

    Easy account opening

    Our offshore banking service includes the opening of an efficient offshore account in Singapore. The accounts can be conducted in all major currencies and provide all known services such as telephone bankinginternet bankingchecksATM cards and credit cards. Options (opening):

    • By telephone and by mail – we prepare all the documents and send the documents via mail to you, to subscribe
    • Visit us in our office in Switzerland – for signing the documents
    • Visit us in Singapore – for signing the documents

    Please note that banks in Singapore require minimum deposits for opening accounts.

    The minimum deposit varied from bank to bank. We advise you on this subject. » to the contact options

    Travel to Singapore

    We are preparing the documents to open an account and arrange the appointment with our bank.

    Information on tax issues and setting up companies in Singapore

    We will inform you on all tax issues and show you ways in connection with the use of Singapore trusts and foundations “Private Limited Companies” in Singapore.

    Are you interested in opening an account in Singapore?
    We will send you on request a detailed quote for your project and advise you personally in choosing the appropriate banking institution in Singapore.
    Contact us now without obligation! » to the contact options

    Advice for Offshore-location Singapore

    It is essential that if you want to establish a company abroad or open an account in Singapore, the primary reason is not to optimize taxes. You need good economic reasons for having a bank account abroad.
    We recommend that you talk a tax expert you trust in, to clarify possible tax consequences, notification requirements or double taxation in your place of residence.

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