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Strong banking secrecy and tax free return on capital

In 1992 a special law became effective, that says in art. 14 bank secrecy is legal and defined. Not just banks are under this law, especially for finance companies this law is very important. The bank secrecy in Liechtenstein is similar to the bank secrecy in Switzerland or Luxembourg, but it is much stronger. The law says it is a professional secret and you are just allowed to break this secrecy if you are taken to court.
But the law does not cover assets from criminal actions.

    Private banking, starting from EUR 250’000.-

    International corporate banking for local and foreign companies

    by internal and external asset managers

    Transfer of existing securities accounts

    Asset Protection by a strong banking secrecy and the protection of privacy

    Global control of your assets

    Taxation aspects

    The return on capital is free from all taxes in Liechtenstein.

    Bank account opening

    We can open your private or business bank account in a few days. Your offshore-account has a good e-banking system and can be administrated from all over the world. The bank account also supports all main currencies.

    Comfortable account opening

    You have the following possibilities for an account opening in Liechtenstein:

    • By telephone and by mail – we prepare all the documents and send the documents via mail to you, to subscribe
    • Visit us in our office in Switzerland – for signing the documents
    • Visit us in Liechtenstein – for signing the documents

    Please note the minimum deposit for private accounts in the amount of:

    • Euro 250,000 (CHF 303,000)

    Are you interested in opening an account in Liechtenstein?
    We will send you on request a detailed quote for your project and advise you personally in choosing the appropriate banking institution in Liechtenstein.
    Contact us now without obligation! » to the contact options

    Advice for Offshore-location Liechtenstein

    It is essential that if you want to establish a company abroad or open an account in Liechtenstein, the primary reason is not to optimize taxes. You need good economic reasons for having a bank account abroad.
    We recommend that you talk a tax expert you trust in, to clarify possible tax consequences, notification requirements or double taxation in your place of residence.

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