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Free zone Company in UAE

Nowadays there are about 30 free zones in United Arab Emirates where foreign businessmen are able not only to set up company but also to receive lots of benefits of such solution. What is make UAE free zones special is that in every free zone there is its own regulations and different requirements for company incorporations.

Dubai free zones were set up for attracting more foreign investors as well to develop business relationships between UAE and other countries. Good infrastructure, international recognition, absence of necessary accounting and zero tax rates make Dubai free zones a perfect place for doing business and investment activity. Sounds good, does not it? Moreover, more and more investors strive to invest their money into UAE business and real estate because of high profitability of such options. As a result we can observe that demand of such types of investments has risen.

Active business development in Dubai free zones had positive influence to other UAE free zones such as Abu Dhabi and Ras al Khaimah. Swiss Financial Yard has a subsidiary in Ras al Khaimah and becomes your perfect advisor in matters of FZE company incorporations in RAK. Main benefits of company formation in RAK are simplicity, low cost and loyal legislation that make it easier to do business in UAE.

Let us consider main advantages of company set up in UAE free zones.

  • 100% of ownership.
  • Zero tax rates.
  • Accounting and financial statements preparation are not necessary.
  • Stable economic and political situation.
  • Non-disclosure of information.
  • Absence of requirements to share capital size.

In addition, there is no restrictions to shareholders’ and directors’ residence. Both legal and physical entities could be shareholders. What is make FZE Company set up beneficial is that you can receive UAE residence for 3 years for you and 2 members of your family.

It is important to note that all FZE companies in UAE must receive a license for implementing a particular business activity. The license should be prolonged every year. After receiving license your company can do business within UAE. Note that in case you plan to do business outside UAE you need to hire a local representative.

Swiss Financial Yard is a registered agent in Ras al Khaimah and will provide you with free consultation with pleasure.  We will describe incorporation process in details and prepare an offer for you.  Contact our team of professionals to receive more information about opportunities of FZE Company.